Most Amazing Hotel Rooms You Won’t Believe Exist!

I am recommending you this hotel as it is a masterpiece in the hustle and bustle of New York. Probably the most famous hotel in New York, this elegant building was built by William Waldorf in 1893. It contains some vintage collections in its decor. The building
still manages to retain its grace and brilliancy even after the passage of more than 100 years.

It provides you best services keeping the level of a 5-starter. You can enjoy massages, manicures and facials in the serene Guerlain Spa. There is a restaurant, parking area, fitness centre and bar at the hotel. The most epic thing is a garden on the 20 the floor which is unknown to most. Fruits, herbs and veggies are grown here for the restaurants.

The hotel with 1415 rooms and suites has a huge capacity of accommodation. The prudential suite practically has been enjoyed by many presidents in the past. The price is reasonable along with some extraordinary facilities. So, definitely enjoy your party at the hotel.

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