Most Unusual Houses In The World

This beautiful hotel exhibits modern and beautiful architectural building in the heart of New York. Its blue colored
building provides an awesome view of the lake located in front from its large scale blue glass windows. The Hotel Hudson
is located on 247 th D Arthur Avenue, New York. Founded by Richard Hudson, the hotel is famous for its delicious food,
awesome services and hospitality.

It has a large pool on the backside and an open air space for parties and gatherings. It has a good reputation for holding
business meetings because companies find the environment of the hotel very suitable and comfortable for such gatherings.
In the middle of the lobby beautiful dancing water fountains make really charming scene. Hotel has 66 rooms with luxury
facilities and all of them are furnished with elegant black tiles.

The hotel spa, pool, gym, laundry and a small theatre makes it an attractive place to live- in. Provision of parking area
located in the basement of hotel. This is a nice place of stay if you want to explore the city.

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